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This site is about me, my ride, and in remembering of Indian Larry. My ride is a tribute bike in spirit of Indian Larry. You find pics and stuff about my ride, publications of Larry and his friends. You will also find pics from trips and venues i’ve been on in here. ENJOY!

My ride

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Tony's tribute

My ride in The Horse where i pay tribute to the people who helped med realize this tribute bike. I also made a big “thank you” to Bambi and the rest of Larry’s family, and the crew of Indian Larry Motorcycles, who let us use Larry’s famous question mark as a backpatch. Click to enlarge

Indian Larry

Indian Larry (born Lawrence DeSmedt; April 28, 1949 – August 30, 2004) was a motorcycle builder and artist, stunt rider, and biker. He first became known as Indian Larry in the 1980s when he was riding the streets of New York City on a chopped Indian motorcycle. Respected as an old school chopper builder, Larry sought greater acceptance of choppers being looked upon as an art form.

Indian Larry - Chopper Shaman

A stunt man and sideshow performer made famous by the Discovery Channel, Indian Larry Desmedt is best remembered for his remarkable custom motorcycles, his wild tattoos, and his love for building and riding rolling art. This book, by those who knew him best, offers a closer look at this chopper shaman admired by so many.

Full of photographs that document a uniquely colorful life, the book follows Larry from his humble beginnings to his unlikely stardom, tracing his short career as a bank robber, his time in prison, his spiral downward into heroin addiction, and his rebirth in 1994 as the spiritual bike builder revered by so many—and, running through it all, the love of hot rods and motorcycles that finally brought him happiness.

Why was he nicknamed Indian Larry? Because early in his career, he ceaselessly rode his Indian Motorcycles through the street of New York City. 

This is the words who start the publications who you can take a look at here. Written by Dave Nichols and his beloved “Bambi”

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Publications with Indian Larry

Galleries from trips and rallies we have attended

Super Rally 2007

Coney Island 2009

Bambi the mermaid

Indian Larry Brooklyn

Paul Cox 2009

Keino Cycles 2009

New York 2009

Rumbler 2009

New York Jan 2010

Block Party 2010

Trip to Robert Pradkey

Block Party 2011

Block Party 2012

Coney Island 2012

Harley Davidson of NYC

Indian Larry MC 2012

Keino 2012

Motorcycle Museum

Paul Cox 2012

Hos Tina 2012

New York 2013​